Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hair Care and Hair Types

Before you go putting in hair care products or getting treatments at the hair salon, you need to know your hair type. Everyone's hair reacts differently, but there are some broad categories where if you determine your hair fits in, you will have a good idea of what kind of hair care is recommended. You may not necessarily need to use a hair classification system but that is a good place to start.
Where many people get their knowledge is to just find someone that has similar hair and ask them about their care practices. Find out about the curl amount of your hair by taking a shower and letting the scalp air dry naturally without treating it in any way. It could be straight, have a slight wave, spirals, curls, or random zigzags. After hair shape, the next classifier Denver hair stylists use is hair thickness.
You determine hair thickness by taking a single clean strand and holding it up. Thin hair is barely visible. Medium hair can be felt and seen but is soft. 

Thick hair is stiffer and that is why it is called coarse or wiry by Denver salons. Thin and thick strands have significantly different hair care effects. Thin hair may be prone to cow licks on the one hand and not take product on the other. Thick hair may be hard to bend from its original shape.
Another classifier your Denver beauty salon will use to determine your hair care regimen is the overall thickness of the head of hair. This is less readily apparent because you cannot just look at a single strand, instead it is more about density and volume. For those with long locks, an easy way to determine natural hair density is to gather the strands into a ponytail and measure its diameter.
The type will determine what kind of products and accessories are necessary. Thin hair may require glue while thick needs a moisturizer and gel to achieve the same style. Bobby pins and headbands are great for thin short heads. It keeps it in shape without a great deal of product most Denver spas would use. Longer thicker locks can use buns, ponytails, sticks in all kinds of shapes and designs. For a really long mane you need more maintenance if you are going for any style beyond straight. All the renaissance fair girls love the braid.

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