Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hair Extensions: For Long, Luscious Locks

Long, luscious locks are something that many women want but can't always achieve. Unfairly, some of us find that our hair won't grow past a certain length or that it grows at such a frustratingly slow pace that we just give up. Many of us find ourselves lusting after friends or colleagues long locks and wishing that our own hair would grow that little bit quicker or look that little bit thicker.
Well ladies, you needn't wish any more as long, gorgeous hair could be your all within a matter of hours! You too can copy the celebs and cheat your way to long hair with the help of hair extensions. All the celebrities are doing so why can't you? We often see our favourite celeb one day sporting a short style on the red carpet and the next day they are at another event with waist length flowing locks: their secret? Hair extensions.
Hair extensions are now no longer just something that celebrities use to make them look amazing on the red carpet; now you and I can also enjoy beautiful hair. Hair extensions are the perfect way to instantly update your look and enhance your natural beauty. Long hair looks great on anyone and you don't even have to go that long if you don't want to; you can use hair extensions to thicken fine hair as well. If you are fed up of trying to boost your flat style then hair extensions are the answer to all your prayers.

You can also experiment with colour with your extensions; just look at Katy Perry and the purple and pink extensions she sported at a recent event! If you don't fancy something as daring as that then you can have the extensions matched perfectly to your natural colour to give a beautiful finish or you can try some high or low lights to give your style depth and structure. Whatever finished style you want, you can achieve it with hair extensions.
Hair extensions are really easy to maintain. Once you have had your new locks attached the stylist will go through all the maintenance and aftercare information with you so you know exactly what to expect and how to treat your new hair when you get home. They will also set up a maintenance appointment a month after application to make sure that you are happy with everything and that your locks are still looking good.
Long hair will require some extra conditioning to keep it looking healthy and manageable. This means that you will have to make sure that you are regularly conditioning it and using heat protective sprays if you are using a lot of heat on your hair. You will also have to brush it at least twice a day to keep it tangle free. Make sure you use a soft bristle brush and start at the bottom and work your way up in small sections.
Hair extensions are a great investment for any woman and can drastically enhance natural beauty with gorgeous locks.

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